Visit us at World of Concrete 2019

Visit us at World of Concrete 2019 - world’s leading, annual event to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. It boasts more than 1,500 exhibiting companies and 58,000 registered industry professionals.

Visit us to learn more about our special, patented, shrinkage controlled, fiber reinforced concrete technology – PrīmXComposite and its flooring and structural indoor and outdoor applications. PrīmXComposite concrete: 50% stronger, 30% faster installation and saves 40% CO2 emissions.  

This year for Most Innovative Products Award contest (MIP) Primekss has nominated  – PrīmXComposite – World’s first and only truly jointless concrete system. PrīmXComposite - steel fiber reinforced, no shrink, no saw cuts.
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PrīmX Composite pdf book

5 values of the PrīmXComposite system that make it the best application in 80% of all concrete structures

  • 50% Stronger material
  • 30% Faster construction
  • 40% C02 emission saving
  • Jointless
  • Water-tight

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5 values of PrīmXComposite system that makes it best concrete application