The World’s Leading, Truly Jointless, CO2-Saving Concrete Technology

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PrīmX Technology

Founded in 1997, Primekss is the world’s leading concrete technology company, creators of unique, patented steel fiber reinforced self-stressing concrete (SFRSSC) technology – PrīmX.

The technology is applied to construct lifetime-flat, dimensionally stable, jointless concrete floors and structural elements. The company has its own Concrete R&D (Research and Development) center that ensures capacity for technology development, and a structural-engineering department to deliver design-built, full-warranty product.

Prīmx Technology

PrīmX – patented steel fiber reinforced, self-stressing concrete (SFRSSC) technology for future-proof construction

  1. True flexibility

    Jointless floor design allows for total flexibility in racking and other load placement, and also ensures flexible replacement in the future.

  2. Robotics and automation ready

    Jointless, saw-cut-free, and dimensionally stable concrete floor with minimum maintenance that ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations for AGV and dimensional stability for heavy automation systems.

  3. Reduced CO2 emissions

    The PrīmX system makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% due to reduced slab cross-section (consuming less cement and steel) and optimized mix design (better materials).

Technology Products

PrīmX Technology benefits

  • Jointless  Jointless, saw-cut free floors - true flexibility, no limitations on racking placement.
  • 30% Faster construction  No joints, saw cutting, rebar placement - shorter schedule, reduced costs.
  • Online Q - control End-to-end Quality control, on - line 21 - parameter monitoring, batch plant, jobsite.
  • Full responsibility Full warranty: materials, design, execution.
  • Perfect for AGV Jointless, saw-cut-free lifetime flat floors.
  • Stay flat No joints, true flatness, no curling
  • HygenicNo joints and no saw-cuts mean nowhere for dirt to accumulate. And nowhere for bacteria or viruses to hide.
  • Up to 70% less CO2 emissions Better materials, optimized design – reduced cross-section (less cement cons.). LEED points at no extra charge.
  • Low maintenance  No joints to repair, no damage to forklifts, and no vibration-caused health problems for forklift operators.


Our Customers

Primekss Worldwide

We like to think big. Today our concrete solutions have been used in 4 continents and 29 countries across the globe.

Latvia  Lithuania  Estonia  Sweden  Norway  Denmark  Finland  Israel • Germany • Belgium 
Poland • United Kingdom • Netherlands • Bulgaria • Hungary • Serbia • Kazakhstan •  Azerbaijan 
Romania  Portugal • Georgia • Saudi Arabia • United Arab Emirates
India • United States  Canada • Nigeria • South Africa • China  

Primekss worldwide system system

We designed the Primekss online monitoring and quality management system to give our partners real time data on all key concrete production parameters.

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Free Training Courses

Free Training Courses

Free Training Courses

We train engineers and construction professionals in steel fiber reinforced concrete in general and PrīmX in particular. Come, visit Riga - one of the hottest tourism destinations of Europe - or invite us to your office

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