PrīmX for LNG Tanks and infrastructure

 PrīmX   for LNG Tanks and infrastructure

PrimX concrete technology provides meaningful benefits for LNG Tank and infrastructure construction

PrīmX Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Stressing Concrete technology (SFRSSC)

PrīmX SFRSSC is made with chemical compressive pre-stressed to have a stronger material and stiffer section along with improved hygral shrinkage control. High dosages of the highest quality steel fiber reinforcement are used to restrain the chemical expansion induced by proprietary admixtures and additives, creating a chemical pre-stress in the material. Steel fibers accommodate flexural and shear reinforcing and many structures can be made completely without traditional rebars.

Result – much stronger, chemically tensioned, dimensionally stable material that, opposite to traditional concrete, further doesn’t change its geometry caused by drying shrinkage effect. That allows the PrīmX technology to ensure meaningful benefits from design and performance perspective in various types of constructions and applications.


  • Improved crack resistance and gas/ liquid-tightness
  • Improved energy absorption and blast resistance
  • Faster to build

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