Your Choice for Gigafactories

PrīmX Concrete Technology delivers design-build, future-flexible solutions for industrial flooring and structural.

  • Reputation & Responsibility: Benefit from our full-service design-build project partnerships, guided by meticulous planning and superior quality supported by 5D modeling.

  • Global Success: With over 27 years of experience and 21,600,000 m²+ of concrete poured across four continents, including two successful giga factory projects in Sweden.

  • Quality Control: Utilize our proprietary app for real-time monitoring of floors worldwide, ensuring the highest quality standards are consistently maintained.

  • Sensor SmartX Concrete: Our sensor-equipped slabs provide real-time monitoring of critical floor parameters.

  • Lifetime-Flat, Dimensionally Stable Floors: minimize maintenance and maximize operational efficiency for the optimal placement of precision equipment.

  • Clean and Dry Rooms: Our jointless concrete technology prevents dust escape and eliminates dirt accumulation, providing seamless, crack-free surfaces essential for clean and dry rooms.

  • CO2 Reduction: with eco-efficient practices, materials, and expertise PrīmX reduces CO2 emissions up to 70%.

  • Future-Flexibility: unparalleled flexibility for modifications, seamless solutions, and high load-bearing capacity, ensuring adaptability as your factory evolves.

  • Strength and Durability: 50% stronger with our innovative concrete technology, providing unmatched durability and longevity for giga factory floors and foundations.

  • Accelerated Construction Timelines: 30% faster installation and expedited project completion without compromising quality.

Choose PrīmX Concrete Technology – Building Tomorrow, Today.