PrīmX concrete frames and foundations

 PrīmX  concrete frames and foundations

Our structural concrete department ensures practically all types of cast in situ concrete works

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We provide full service, including design, formwork installation, rebar tying, concrete casting, steel fiber technology and quality control during the project execution.

With our own Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Stressing Concrete (SFRSSC) technology – PrīmX - we can improve designs, executing them with increased efficiency and better quality. That means much shorter construction time and potential cost savings for our clients.

Our technology and its components combine with traditional concrete systems to deliver optimal solutions for each project. Using special anti-cracking, anti-shrinkage additives allows us to create watertight, gas tight, crack-free structures that save on expensive membranes. PrimeQuality however ensures perfect quality management for every project.

Primekss has more than 25 years’ experience in concrete works with wide array of installations in manufacturing, including logistic, hydro technical and power-engineering, and residential buildings, for foundations, walls, structures from cast-in-place and prefab structures.


Some of our reference projects are below:

Storgata 5, 1607 Fredrikstad, Norway

Concrete works for building structures under the groundwater level 

NOMECO, Nordhoj 8,Køge, Denmark

High-bay warehouse zero cycle concrete works

E-ON, Billesholm, Sweden

Foundations for power transmission lines

Wattenfall, Hestra

Foundation installation for electric transformers

Ejler-Billes-Alle 5, Copenhagen-Ørestad

Prefab constructions for ramp of parking house

IKANO Ofelia, Annetorpsvägen, 216 17 Limhamn, Sweden

Raft foundations for 6 storey residential building

IKANO Strova, Boplatsvägen, Sundbyberg, Sweden

In situ zero cycle concrete works

Residential multi storey building, Lapsu str. 12, Riga, Latvia

Raft foundations for multi storey residential building