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Making concrete is not dissimilar to baking bread. In both cases whitish powder is mixed with water to produce glue under certain humidity, temperature and wind speed. Just like when baking bread under wrong temperature it may crack or not form a nice material, so is with concrete.

The difference, though, is that concrete is produced from very varying ingredients in very widely varying jobsite conditions. That is the reason your bread from your favourite baker comes always well made, whilst concrete from your subcontractor may have issues.

Our pioneering system measures 21 critical data points in the jobsite using special app and beams it back online to our central server in Riga HQ, where our engineers monitor the sites for any deviations. We are constantly monitoring and tweaking concrete and production methods to adjust to changing environment. This is part of our success and the way we assure excellent quality in widely varying sites from South Africa to Norway and from China to USA.

The system also gives incredible access to data also to our customers, who can view critical data and follow installation progress with full transparency. Welcome to the 21st century concrete production. 

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