PrīmX Concrete overlay

 PrīmX  Concrete overlay

PrīmX Overlay is designed for places where a thin concrete overlay is required over existing concrete, whether in a new building or when renovating older facilities.

Traditional concrete overlays are extremely prone to cracking and curling, far more than other concrete structures.

Our Overlay solution is a reliable, non-curling solution, ensuring smooth, flat and durable surfaces with minimum or no joints. This means the floors have the lowest possible maintenance cost, lowest damage to equipment, best productivity, best serviceability and greatest long-term value.

PrīmX system features high amount of evenly distributed steel fiber reinforcement and special anti-shrinkage, anti-cracking additives allowing creation of ductile, seamless concrete that is so strong it does not need traditional steel rebar reinforcement.

Our long-term experience in design, execution, and the engineered shrinkage properties of the PrīmX Overlay solution results in less cracking and helps overcome most of the common on-going maintenance problems.

Several variations are available depending on the needs. These include both bonded and unbonded overlays for use with or without floor covering.

As in all PrīmX installations, we use PrimeQuality, our online quality system used to ensure perfect quality and real-time project monitoring.

Typical applications of overlay solutions include finishing layers on prefabricated elements, or casting another layer at damaged industrial floors in facilities such as:

  • Mezzanines at storage facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Car dealerships
  • Residential buildings
  • Office spaces
  • Convention Centers
  • Factories / Distribution buildings - Refurbishing floors

PrīmX Overlay benefits to end user:

  • A much better usage profile than traditional overlays

  • No risk of failure due excessive curling and cracking

  • Cost competitive solution while also providing higher performance due to better design materials and execution

  • Enhanced durability of the floor

  • Excellent overall impact resistance of the floor due to the smart steel fiber reinforcement overlay design

  • Improved abrasion resistance due to inherently reduced crazing and bleeding.

  • For bonded overlays on situ cast concrete, there are only heavy armored steel joints (with no or very limited openings) that eliminate the problems with joint edge rupture. This also means there are no joints to fill or maintain.

  • No detrimental effect on shrinkage, curling is eliminated

  • Reduced long term floor maintenance costs.

Our experience

During our more than 25 years’ experience we have casted more than 20 mil. m² of floors and overlays.



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