PrīmX UltraPack concrete outdoor pavement

 PrīmX  UltraPack concrete outdoor pavement

Ultra-durable, jointless outdoor application with high impact resistance and longevity properties.

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PrīmX UltraPack consists of two layers which are laid sequentially during the installation process. The system’s base layer, which is compacted with rollers, ensures high load-bearing performance. The top layer is made using PrīmX UltraPack high performance concrete which ensures excellent performance properties.

Typically, outdoor concrete pavements are made with joints. Joints are used to reduce the cracking and curling caused by concrete shrinkage during the drying process. These curled joints have a reduced or no sub base support resulting in the eventual cracking and collapse complicating the use of the slab and greatly enhancing its maintenance costs.

Cracks become the weak spot in the concrete structure (slab). They expand due to environmental factors and the edges break. In addition, water penetrates the concrete, eventually impacting the steel reinforcement below the surface, causing corrosion.

PrīmX UltraPack is jointless solution that uses an extremely durable concrete upper layer. It is ideal for outdoor areas with intensive traffic, such as loading areas for logistics complexes, as well as material storage areas where regular heavy-duty vehicles and aggressive surface-to-surface activities are carried out.  


System advantages:

Jointless solution – friendly for all types of machinery operating on paving, no damage to car operators, no damage for paving (no issues for excavator loading buckets etc.)

Durability: Capability to withstand high loads without any deformation. Unlike asphalt, it withstands heavy traffic plus it has also resistance to fuels, oils, solvents, and other fluids. The pavement also is immune to temperature changes in both summer and winter.

Higher impact and abrasion resistance - more than any other concrete material on the market. Ensured by extremely durable concrete upper layer.

Speed of installation – fastest outdoor paving solution: faster than asphalt and other concrete solutions.

Cost efficient – less expensive than traditional concrete and asphalt solutions. In most cases, it is 25-30% less expensive than traditional concrete solutions.

Low maintenance - no need for resurfacing or seal coating. Can easy be used 20 years without need for top layer renovation.

Less energy for lightning –reflects light from the paving surface ensuring up to 30% savings of lightning energy.

PrīmX UltraPack outdoor pavement is jointless, so heavy equipment can move freely without damaging the joints and therefore reducing the overall maintenance requirements.

Technical data

PrīmX UltraPack high performance concrete has the following technical characteristics:

  • Compressive strength: 50 MPa
  • Distance between seams: unlimited
  • Frost resistance class: XF4