About the company

It isn’t always easy to talk about yourself, particularly in the concrete industry. Nonetheless, we want to share our passion and vision for positive change in the industry.

Who we are

Primekss, founded in 1997, is based in North-East of Europe with headquarters in Riga, Latvia, direct subsidiaries in 10 countries and partners worldwide.

We started as concrete contractors and were amazed by the amount of cracking, curling, deformation and other problems the concrete industry takes for granted. Our frustration grew as we received calls from customers requesting repairs.

We examined the aqueducts, pantheons and temples of ancient Rome to understand why their constructions are still standing after 2000 years, while we rebuild our bridges every 20 years.

Inspired by the Roman Empire, our ambition was to recreate their long-lasting structures using modern methods and materials. We developed unique composite concrete technology - PrīmX. And we succeeded. 

How we work

Everything we do is in line with our core values and beliefs:

Our Values

  • Our greatest strength is our team: smart, hardworking and strong. They create our concrete and serve our customers;
  • Our second priority is the planet. If we continue to abuse its resources, will our children have a place to live in the future? Our quest is to create sustainable concrete construction by reducing CO2 emissions.

Our Mission

  • We want to change the concrete industry by putting quality and durability first worldwide.

Our Vision

  • We want to make concrete that is 50% stronger, produces up to 70% less CO2 emissions and is 30% faster to install; our aim is for 80% of concrete structures worldwide to be built using our solutions.

Our Management Principles

  • Responsible Autonomy means we give our team freedom to perform and grow, within the limits of supportive rules;
  • To make Responsible Autonomy work, we only hire the best people;
  • We are open and transparent in what we do;
  • We are always available to make repairs if needed.