Get the most out of your floor by choosing the right finish

When the decision is made to use PrīmX for strong, efficient installation, seamless and long-lasting concrete floors, there is still one more thing to consider: the appropriate finish.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo is a best-in-class concrete polishing solution, specifically designed for use in large areas. After the PrīmX floor has been casted, it can be polished in two weeks. The polishing process is fast – 1500 m2 / 16,145 ft2 per day. A finished PrīmX µ Terrazzo surface won’t chip, peel or flake.

The end result is an aesthetically pleasing, shiny floor that is durable and easy to maintain. The lifespan of such a floor is about 50 years. Easy fast refinish is recommended once in 5 to 10 years, requiring less expense on your long term investment than traditional floors.

Other finishing methods such as epoxy don’t offer such significant advantages. Epoxy requires a long curing time prior to application, sometimes months. A finished epoxy surface can chip or flake, and its lifespan is about 5 years. The floor with epoxy finish loses its shine in about a year, whereas PrīmX µ Terrazzo floors stay shiny.

There are two finishing looks to choose from:

Polishing is either a four or six-step process. For every step, a different diamond grinder is used thus giving it a different look.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo polishing in 4 steps gives the floor a shiny and reflective look with low or no exposed aggregate. PrīmX Densifier and Sealer are used as protective agents. Densifier improves surface hardness and is included as standard. The optional sealer is used to improve the floor’s resistance against colouring and liquid infiltration. End result – 100% dust-free and smooth concrete surface, which is very easy to maintain.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo Salt & Pepper polishing in 6 steps creates an exclusive look of high gloss shine with some exposed aggregates, giving the surface the a “salt & pepper” look where some fine aggregates are visible. PrīmX Densifier and optionally Sealer are used as protective agents.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo – beautiful, shiny and reflective concrete surface

PrīmX µ Terrazzo Salt & Pepper - beautiful, shiny and reflective with added touch of some exposed aggregates

Cleaner, lighter, long-lasting

The aesthetics and durability of the unique PrīmX floors + PrīmX µ Terrazzo finish make it an attractive choice for facilities where high wear is expected, such as warehouses, big box retailers, grocery stores, process facilities and production facilities. The PrīmX µ Terrazzo polishing process increases concrete surface abrasion resistance up to 500%. The smooth and hard-wearing surface is so lustrous and precise that it is also suitable for facilities wanting to create a visual impact, such as showrooms and convention halls.

The smooth and glossy surface has other advantages as well. On a smooth jointless surface, there is no place for dirt to collect, making it hygienic and easy to clean. Due to glossiness and reflective qualities of the floor, the energy costs for lighting can be cut down significantly, as the light reflection can be increased up to 60%.

The whole process of installing the PrīmX floors + applying PrīmX µ Terrazzo finish is clean, safe and fast.

Perfect match

A food production facility in Jelgava, Latvia, Chocolette confectionary, chose PrīmX µ Terrazzo as the most suitable solution for their needs. The client had very clear requirements for their floor:

  • the floor will be easy to clean,

  • it will not gather dust that could later damage the produce, and

  • the floor will not absorb any liquids.

According to Ģints Ērmanis, PRIMEKSS’ project manager,

“These are just three reasons why the company chose to work with us. Our solution was also the most affordable compared to competitors, taking into account the long-term maintenance of the floor.”

The surface in this project was polished up to the fifth step.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo polished floor for Chocolette confectionary, Jelgava, Latvia. 

Project manager Brett Meadway was responsible for the PrīmX µ Terrazzo floor finish in the warehouse building of Columbia Pharmaceuticals (PTY) Ltd in South Africa.

“As the purpose of the facility is to manufacture and store medical products, the cleanliness of the building was paramount,” he says.

PrīmX µ Terrazzo polished floor for Columbia Pharmaceuticals (PTY) Ltd in South Africa. 

These are two recent examples of client’s requirements that found a perfect match in our products.

But see it for yourself! If you are interested in PrīmX µ Terrazzo polishing solution, our professionals can do 30 m2 polishing free of charge as a demo. This is the best way to evaluate the quality and uniqueness of the whole system. PrīmX floors + PrīmX µ Terrazzo finish are designed to complement each other perfectly.

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