PrīmX µ Terrazzo

PrīmX µ Terrazzo
PrīmX µ Terrazzo - fast, long lasting polishing system that makes your floor beautiful, shiny and extra durable

To get most of your floor - right, optimal floor finishing is critical. Our specially designed long lasting polishing system - PrīmX µ Terrazzo is best finishing method to make your floor beautiful, shiny and unbeatably resistant. And what’s not of less importance - its most appropriate solution from long-term investment perspective. Once done it will last forever with easy refinishing every 10 years or so.  System ensures following 5 main benefits:

Increased durability and lifespan 

  • Increased surface durability and abrasion resistance (up to 500%)
  • No extra coatings - won’t peel, chip or flake
  • Easy fast refinish once in 5 to 10 years.

Beauty and design

  • Floor looks shiny, glossy and beautiful. 


  • Reduction in dirt collection due to smooth, glossy surface
  • Ideal hygiene with joint-free PrīmXComposite concrete floor systems.

Increased market resale value of the building

  • Predictable long-term value
  • Simple, easy and fast maintenance. 

Energo and eco friendly approach 

  • Enhanced surface reflectivity reduces energy needs for lighting
  • No VOC chemicals
  • Clean and safe installation process. 

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Compared with alternatives

  • Slow process, 100-150m2/day
  • Joints 9m/m2
  • Cleaning and sanitary issues .
PrīmX μ Terrazzo
PrīmX μ Terrazzo
  • 750-1000m2/day
  • No joints
  • Entire area is at the final level from day 0. 

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