PrīmX Technology

Creating perfect products to make our lives easier - this is what revolutionary companies, from Ford to Apple, have in common. In Primekss, we think along the same lines.

How we are creating PrīmX?

“We believe in systematic approach and continuous development to achieve perfection”

PrīmX is not magic. In fact, perfect concrete has already been created. When creating our strong, crack-free and long-lasting concrete, our main inspiration were ancient Roman concrete structures. Their crack-free, seamless aqueducts, pantheons and temples still stand proud and tall today.

We took a closer look at every single aspect of concrete production, analysed and improved every aspect. The result is our patented PrīmX - steel fibre reinforced self-stressing concrete (SFRSSC), a concrete that is 50% stronger, 30% faster to install and generates up to 70% fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional concrete.

Our technology is built to ensure consistent quality concrete floors and other structures anywhere in the world

Where can PrīmX be used?

Primekss is a specialised concrete contractor, as well as a concrete technology partner for concrete contractors worldwide who want to produce an outstanding concrete;

Our team pays attention to every detail so that the finished product is as simple and user-friendly as possible. We take care of everything so you can have peace of mind and enjoy our concrete.