PrimX Jointless concrete floor on ground

PrimX Jointless concrete floor on ground

PrīmX is the first and only jointless system worldwide.

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Other concrete floor systems use either saw cut shrinkage control joints every 6 meters, or create a “jointless” solution where joints are extended to 30-50 meters. However, large dominant joint opening and curling still occurs, adding cost of maintenance and repair. 

PrīmX  floor has no joints or very tight working joints. It is smooth and flat, which means it has the lowest possible maintenance cost, lowest damage to equipment, best productivity, best serviceability and best long-term value.

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Choosing the right floor is very important in all logistics, production, shopping, data center and other industrial areas. It must be installed and stay flat to ensure traffic is smooth – without curling - for forklifts and other MHE.

The floor also needs to be tough and abrasion-resistant to withstand the heavy machinery and/or foot traffic, must be easy to clean and have low maintenance costs. Light reflectivity and energy savings are also important for or big box retailers and facilities looking good and saving energy and light reflective floor in many cases is important.

The PrīmX system has been developed to meet these criteria. It eliminates the major drawback of traditional concrete system - concrete shrinkage - which causes floor cracking and curling, failure to deliver floor requirements and resulting in multiple usability problems.

The shrinkage control system makes it possible to cast indoor fields of unlimited size and geometry with no joints at all. PrīmX allows us to ensure efficient gas and liquid tight solutions as well.

Due to steel fiber reinforcement and a special material formula, PrīmX allows a much thinner (up to 60%) design still exceeding defined load bearing capacities. That leads to overall material savings.

Absence of traditional reinforcement typically saves installation time. On average, floor casting takes 30% less time in comparison to floors casted with a steel bar reinforced concrete.

Thinner slabs = more m² casted during the day = faster construction. As always, there are some limitations depending on the amount of concrete available from the plant during the day.

The PrīmX system ensures ECO friendly construction. As our designs are much thinner, less concrete is needed for construction. That leads to meaningful CO2 savings. Using PrīmX, in average carbon footprint is reduced by 40%.


Our solution benefits:

  • Jointless

  • No Saw Cuts

  • No Dominant Joints

  • No Curling Near Joints

  • Stays Flat

  • No Shrinkage

  • Virtually Crack Free

  • Up to 60 Percent Thinner

  • Higher Load Capacity

  • No Rebar

  • Flatter Surface, No Curling or Joint Sealant

  • Durable with Less Maintenance and Longer Life

  • ECO friendly construction – our system allows to save up to 40% of CO2 emissions

  • Whole solution with optimal finishing method.

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Primekss unique approach

We are concrete technology company, not just a concrete contractor, and therefore we look at floor building as engineers. We search for best solution possible.

We concentrate on the whole process, starting with a cement testing and adjustment of concrete formula for particular project and the best finishing method to ensure the best end product. To ensure that we have implemented our own online process and quality system, we use PrimeQuality and several additional quality checking systems during the delivery process. It allows us to ensure predictable, superior quality for each project. During the project we ensure access to this system also for our clients.

We bring the whole solution

A concrete floor is long-term investment and therefore doing it right is critically important. Along with our superior concrete floor installation, we propose the best concrete floor finishing system, PrīmX µ Terrazzo. PrīmX µ Terrazzo is a diamond polishing system with special advanced chemical treatment tailored specially to our floors. This system makes the floor look beautiful and shiny, creates unbeatable abrasion resistance, and reduces the floor’s maintenance costs. More about PrīmX µ Terrazzo diamond polishing see here.

Delivery excellence

We use the best equipment (laser screeds, dumpers, topping spreaders and fiber blowers) and procedures to ensure best quality possible.

We have developed our own special dosing system to ensure uniform steel fiber distribution in material (mortar).

Our experience

During our 20 years’ experience we have casted more than 15 mil. m² of floors.

We have installed first class concrete floors for well known logistics, manufacturing, retail brands such as: IKEA, JYSK, ICA, LIDL, VOLVO, RIMI, John Deere and many more. Find some of completed projects in Case studies section.

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PrīmX Composite pdf book

5 values of the PrīmX system that make it the best application in 80% of all concrete structures

  • 50% Stronger material
  • 30% Faster construction
  • 40% C02 emission saving
  • Jointless
  • Water-tight

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5 values of PrīmX system that makes it best concrete application