PrimXComposite Outdoor concrete pavements

PrimXComposite Outdoor concrete pavements
Our patented and award-winning jointless PrīmXComposite flooring system’ exterior application provides an excellent solution for outdoor areas where the most stringent requirements exist.

These include increased load bearing ability, resistance to abrasion and impact damage and enhanced durability is needed.

Our specially developed outdoor system - PrīmXComposite Outdoor is the best solution for any outside paving application. It is ideal for mid-to-heavy duty roads, storage areas where heavy equipment (such as trucks, wheel loaders and other heavy machinery) is used, and even for the heaviest loads including port cranes, container stacks, high-piled of timber, coal and other goods that are stored on the slabs for prolonged periods of time.

Due to the drastically reduced number of joints and several surface finish options, PrīmXComposite Outdoor pavement is also suitable for applications where heavy equipment is used for snow removal. Traditional jointed solutions often result in the damage of the joints, increasing cost to maintain these roads, storage fields, airport runways, taxiways and outdoor slabs.

PrīmXComposite Outdoor slabs are heavily reinforced with a high number of special high strength spatially distributed steel fibers. Compared to the traditional outdoor pavement slab systems, PrīmXComposite Outdoor is much more durable than traditional concrete.

If applied in regions where freeze-thaw attack on concrete raises concerns, PrīmXComposite Outdoor solutions are designed to conform and greatly exceed the most stringent requirements. Using the most stringent EN 206 standard, PrīmXComposite can be designed to reach the exposure class XF4.

PrīmXComposite Outdoor pavement can be installed with several types of surface finishes, depending on the flatness and skid resistance requirements. The two most often used types of surface finishes are either brushed surface or roughly power-troweled finish that allows for a more flat finish while still providing a degree of surface roughness to prevent slippage.

The use of PrīmXComposite system provides multiple benefits to the end user in comparison to the traditional outdoor pavement solutions:

  • Drastically reduced need for any type of joints in the pavement;

  • Excellent overall impact resistance of the floor due to the smart steel fiber reinforcement design of the floor;

  • A design that is immune to problems like rutting and potholes

  • Pavement with a better and longer lasting skid resistance;

  • All the intrinsic benefits of any regular PrīmXComposite floor (thinner slabs designs, much faster installation due to absence or drastically reduced steel bar reinforcement, ECO friendly construction - C02 emission savings)

  • Reduced need for lighting because our PrīmXComposite concrete will reflect light, instead of absorbing it.


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5 values of the PrīmXComposite system that make it the best application in 80% of all concrete structures

  • 50% Stronger material
  • 30% Faster construction
  • 40% C02 emission saving
  • Jointless
  • Water-tight

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5 values of PrīmXComposite system that makes it best concrete application