Webinar: PrīmX - What Makes It Work?

A joint-free and sustainable concrete floor ensures various meaningful benefits – new technology adoption (robots, automatic storage and retrieval systems), raised operations efficiency, reduced maintenance and more.

However the main question is:

  • How to determine the real value such a system can bring to your particular project?
  • Will it support project specific technology?
  • What about future needs?
  • How does it contribute to sustainability goals - carbon footprint reduction?
  • How does it work?

To answer these questions and to explain how the PrīmX system works (material, design, sustainability) join our  webinar and panel session with world-class industry experts.

Expert panel will be represented by PhD, PE, P. Eng, FACI Kevin MacDonald and assoc. prof. NTNU Roland Cepurītis, who will share their experiences regarding high-performance concrete technologies and its further development and sustainability. 

Event will be moderated by Brett Meadway. 

More about the webinar here - agenda, speakers and registration.

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