Meet us at FINNBUILD 2018

We invite you to seminar - “PrīmXComposite – high performance shrinkage compensating concrete system for much faster, predictable high-quality construction“

Seminar agenda:
PrīmXComposite – composite concrete technology description and tipical applications:

  • Jointless, high flatness and wear resistance industrial floors

  • Efficient slab on piles solutions

  • Fast, watertight and safe for workers Raft foundations

  • High impact resistance Outdoor pavements for raw material storages, warehouse ramps

  • Gastight solutions.


Case studyFrode Laursen project. PrīmXComposite application in fast, high flatness, high-quality concrete floor construction.

Looking forward to meet you at the seminar!

You are wellcome also to visit our booth at FinnBuild, Nr. 3g28

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PrīmX Composite pdf book

5 values of the PrīmXComposite system that make it the best application in 80% of all concrete structures

  • 50% Stronger material
  • 30% Faster construction
  • 40% C02 emission saving
  • Jointless
  • Water-tight

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5 values of PrīmXComposite system that makes it best concrete application