Visiting RTU (Riga Technical University) and LBTU (Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies)

Two lectures in two days in a row, at two different cities and two different universities.

On the 12 & 13 of March, 2024 our PRIMX Concrete Technology Research & Development team - CTO Dr.Rolands Cepuritis and Concrete Engineer Aldis Zegelis visited Riga Technical University and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies to give lectures on topics related to our daily work at Primekss | PrīmX® Industrial Concrete Flooring & Structural: steel fiber reinforced concrete, self-stressing concrete, concrete shrinkage, installation of industrial concrete slabs and measurements of quality parameters of industrial concrete slabs.

Students with the sharpest minds & quickest reactions received nice presents from the PRIMX team. 

Foto: PRIMX team

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