Question from Webinar #4

Is there an application for external hardstands?

Usually, outdoor concrete pavements are made with joints and often crack, due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes and concrete drying shrinkage. Cracks and joints become the weak spot in the concrete pavements Their edges break and spall, requiring expensive maintenance.

Curling of joints cause frontal loader buckets, street cleaning and snow cleaning equipment and other machinery damage these places further, complicating the use of the slab and increasing maintenance costs. In addition, water penetrates the concrete, eventually impacting the steel reinforcement below the surface, causing corrosion.

PrīmX UltraPack®  is the world’s first patented pavement with no joints at all!

Featuring extremely durable concrete upper layer, it is ideal for outdoor areas, such as truck hardstands outside of warehouses, loading areas with intensive traffic, as well as material storage areas where regular heavy-duty vehicles and aggressive steel bucket loaders are used.

PrīmX UltraPack® system advantages:

  • Jointless solution – perfectly capable to withstand all types of equipment (no issues for excavator loading buckets, etc.)
  • Durability – unlike asphalt, pavement is capable to withstand high loads without any deformation, resistant to fuels and oils. The pavement also is immune to temperature changes (summer and winter).
  • Higher impact and abrasion resistance – tougher than any other concrete material on the market. Ensured by the extremely durable concrete upper layer.
  • Speed of installation – fastest to install outdoor paving solution: faster than asphalt!
  • Cost-efficient – less expensive than traditional concrete and asphalt solutions. In most cases, it is 25-30% less expensive than traditional concrete solutions.
  • Low maintenance – no need for resurfacing or seal coating. Can easily have a 20-year life span without the need for top layer renovation.
  • Less energy for lightning  reflects light from the paving surface, up to 30% savings of lightning energy

Read more about Ultra-durable, jointless outdoor application with high impact resistance and longevity properties here.

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