Question from Webinar #2

Why is PrīmX slab the best fit for automated robotic warehousing systems?

PrīmX concrete technology provides several very important benefits for various types of robotic, automation systems. Let’s focus on 3 warehousing systems first: Wire guided automation, High-Bay systems and Autonomous Mobile Robotics.

For wire guided automation:

  • Jointless layout, flat for life floor
  • Flexible induction wire placement
  • No problems with interference effects
  • Elasticity in route redesigning if needed in future

Heavy, precise High-Bay systems:

  • Dimensionally stable platform with no movement, no curling
  • Jointless, flat for life slab
  •  Efficient, tailored slab design
  • Faster construction

Autonomous Mobile Robots:

  • Jointless floor layout allows maximum potential for driving units
  • Lifetime flatness – floor stays flat for a life, efficient platform for robots in long-term.

In addition, PrīmX is unique, sustainable concrete flooring system that reduces up to 70% of CO2 emissions and allows to save on maintenance, on average 80% less maintenance costs compared to traditional concrete floors.

See PrīmX Senior Structural engineer Janis Kamars video about benefits PrīmX provides to robotic and automation systems


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