Join us in webinar: What is the True Value of your concrete floor?

Concrete flooring is a critical element in logistics building and nowadays must deliver more value than ever before. With the dramatic shift towards advanced warehouse automation systems, demand for this logistic building element has risen dramatically.

Therefore, assessing the True Value of concrete floor is critical to successful long-term operations.

Based on a real-life application, we reveal a method for evaluating the potential of concrete floors from a variety of perspectives (functional efficiency, maintenance, safety, flexibility for future use, added property value, and more).


  • How to determine the True Value of concrete floor
  • Main concrete floor maintenance cost items - how to identify and predict their future impact and totally minimize them
  • The importance of Concrete floor in maximizing the productivity potential of various automated systems (ASRS, G2P, AGVs, AGCs, AMRs etc.) and thus ensuring that warehouse operations meet long-term demands
  • Future flexibility - optimized efficient floor area capable of incorporating future applications
  • The impact of Concrete floor on property value - possibility to repurpose, rent, or sell
  • The efficient and eco-friendly concrete solution for future proof construction

Jānis Ošlejs, Founder and CEO, Primekss,
Rolands Cepurītis, Assoc. Professor NTNU,
Jānis Kamars, Senior structural engineer, Primekss.

Moderator: Baiba Blake, Key account manager, Primekss.


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