Join us in webinar #Future Ready concrete floors - why is that so important?

There is no doubt – modern warehousing and logistics involve automation and robotics. Such systems promise rapid increase of productivity, speed and many other improvements. However without a solid base even the most advanced system won’t function at full capacity.

During the Webinar we will highlight essential long term benefits of high-performance flooring solutions.


  • Future ready floors – why is that so important?
  • 5 properties of high-performance concrete floors, guaranteeing a lifetime value
  • PrīmX – the world’s first joint-free system – how we got to it?
  • Predictable, consistent high quality anywhere in the world
  • Case studies – how we achieve that worldwide

Jānis Ošlejs, Founder and CEO, Primekss,
Rolands Cepurītis, Assoc. Professor NTNU,
Jānis Kamars, Senior structural engineer, Primekss.

Moderator: Baiba Griezēna, Key accounts manager, Primekss.


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