Covid 19 preventive measures and guidelines

There is nothing more important than to protect our employees, so we have put in place preventive measures in all our active jobsites and offices – implemented companywide Health plan

The plan has been developed for all our active jobsites and offices.

Our Covid19 Health plan has two main focus areas: to fight against the virus using stringent hygiene routines in our jobsites and offices and strengthen our people by showing them the best practice advice on how to stay healthy. The advice is based on recommendations of Health Authorities.

We have assigned a company-wide Covid19 Health Leader, with one job – to make sure we are doing everything we can to fight the virus.

In case you have any suggestions regarding anti Covid19 preventive activities, please feel free to contact our Health Leader directly at 

Preventive guidelines, jobsites - .pdf 
Preventive measures for all employees - .pdf

Stay safe and strong!

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