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We believe in good partnerships! Join us by becoming a PrīmXComposite licensee partner in your area and enjoy an advantage over your competitors while delivering superior value to your customers.

Think of Primekss as your outsourced concrete engineering and R&D office. We take care of every aspect of concrete production and delivery, guaranteeing that the concrete solutions you work with are of the highest quality.

Primekss will provide: 

  • Access to our patented worldwide system;
  • A free structural design of the floor or structure;
  • Free pre-testing of aggregates and cement in our lab and design concrete mix;
  • Free usage of and free monitoring of the project;
  • Our proprietary component additives;
  • Support from our field technicians to make sure the concrete and installation process is perfect, i.e. full quality control;
  • Marketing support;
  • As a Primekss PrīmXComposite Licensee you will also become a member of the exclusive PrīmXComposite Club.
  • In short, we do everything to make the concrete and process perfect.
PrīmXComposite is requested by many leading worldwide brands. Help us serve them in your area.
Contact us here to become a partner.

Our partners

PrīmX Composite pdf book

5 values of the PrīmXComposite system that make it the best application in 80% of all concrete structures

  • 50% Stronger material
  • 30% Faster construction
  • 40% C02 emission saving
  • Jointless
  • Water-tight

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5 values of PrīmXComposite system that makes it best concrete application